The Art of Casting

Jaap works with Cor de Schrijver. Using the technique of liquid-in-liquid casting Cor makes cast paintings, drawings and very detailed motifs with a sealant cartridge. The nozzle helps him work extremely precise.

Casting personal possesions

Besides floors, wall panels, countertops and furniture you also have the option to have your personal belongings cast. How about that wonderful drawing your daughter gave you on Mother’s Day? Or the shoe your son wore during that crucial football match in the cup final? Or simply the leaves and chestnuts your collected in the park on a lovely autumn day?

Lifelong preservation

By casting your cherished belongings you can turn them into works of art. You can use them to decorate your floor, wall or tabletop, but also have them cast in their own right. As a statue or a painting. Moreover, they are protected from decay because the layer of resin seals them. Without any water or oxygen ‘eating’ at your possessions, they are preserved for years to come. Even the colours of your personal artwork keep their original vibrancy.

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