The people behind Flowing Art

Flowing Art was founded by Jaap Blokhuis. In 2007 the sole proprietorship grew to be a private limited liability company (in Dutch a ‘Besloten Vennootschap’ or ‘BV’). Jaap has been casting wall panels, tabletops and bartops for the last 30 years. Since a few years cast work incorporating personalised designs has also become part of his trade.

The art of casting

Jaap works with Cor de Schrijver. Using the technique of liquid-in-liquid casting Cor makes cast paintings, drawings and very detailed motifs with a sealant cartridge. The nozzle helps him work extremely precise.

Flowing Art is different from other companies. Distinguishing features are the exclusive character of the wall systems and the table- and bartops. On top of that Flowing Art developed its own, unique polyurethane coating.

If you are looking for exceptional wall systems, countertops and furniture, Flowing Art is the company for you!

Kunstzinnige gietschilderijen met behulp van een kitkoker